FLEXOPRINT Maybash Group Company is glad to offer its clients the next materials for flexoprint:

•    alcohol-soluble inks for printing on polymerous surface, paper, aluminum leaf; inks as for surface printing as interlayer printing; inks of standard and excessive pigmentation, for low-speed and high-speed printing machines and etc.
•    single-component and multicomponent primers on alcohol ethyl acetate and water base which are intended for printing on polymerous surface, paper, aluminum leaf
•    overprint varnishes which give the materials protect and aesthetic properties
•    water-soluble inks for printing in paper and cardboard
•    UV Varnishes and UV inks for printing on wide spectrum materials
•    adhesive tapes for mounting of  photopolymer plates
•    scraper blades for printing machines’ ink containers
•    specific cleaning agents for anilox rollers (as for everyday cleaning as for deep cleaning)